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The Brazil Declaration and Plan of Action, adopted in December 2014 by the governments of 31 countries and territories of Latin America and the Caribbean in the framework of the Cartagena+30 process, have drawn a common roadmap to strengthen the protection and promotion of sustainable solutions for refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons and stateless persons in the region, within a framework of cooperation and solidarity.

The Brazil Plan of Action, which will be implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean starting from 2015, emphasizes the importance of achieving comprehensive, complementary and sustainable solutions for refugees, in particular, through the programs Voluntary Repatriation, Local Integration, Solidarity Resettlement and Labour Mobility.

In this context, the Brazil Plan of Action aims to facilitate the access of refugees to basic services, such as health, education, housing and employment.

Without being exhaustive, the best practice presented here, give us a systematic view of the progress being made on regional issues in terms of promoting local integration and strengthening the livelihoods of people of concern in the region. These best practices are also intended to serve as a programming resource for UNHCR offices as well as their implementing and operational partners.

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