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Title/DescriptionCommunity Mobilizers Project in Quito

Las promotoras

Dinámica comunitaria

Trabajando con niños


CountryEcuador » 
Specific location (city, region, etc)Quito, Ecuador
Objectif(s)The project aimed at training women as Community Mobilizers seeks to strengthen and capacitate both refugee women and Ecuadorian women in order that they may exercise community mobilization in their neighborhoods through delivery of information to recent arrivals, and identification of particularly vulnerable cases.
  • The process of identification, training and technical capacitation in June 2012.
  • Benefited 40 women of which 13 were identified as Community Mobilizers.
  • Carried out work in 4 neighborhoods with Quito with a population of persons of interest to UNHCR.
  • Identified more than 20 vulnerable families and delivered information to around 500 persons in the targeted neighborhoods.
Why is this considered a Good practice?With 15 million known refugees and almost 5 million asylum seekers, Ecuador’s capital city, Quito has the highest number of refugees in the country and throughout Latin America. It accounts for 30% of the total population of refugees in Ecuador. Refugees arrive in Quito seeking protection, economic opportunities, access to services and social integration. They are spread out in different neighborhoods in the city, with the intention of blending in with the local population and going unnoticed. Many of them do not have access to adequate and timely information in order to seek asylum, or to receive humanitarian assistance. The women go to the people, live among them, get to know the reality of the neighborhoods and the circumstances in which the persons arrive. In order to achieve this objective, the interested women study two methods, one of identification and training and the other of technical capacitation, which consists of almost 85 hours of workshops. Later, the project contemplates follow-ups and close accompaniments to the women and their work in the neighborhoods. The community mobilizers are acting as volunteers, however the will receive a monthly stipend aimed at reimbursing them for the expenses associated with mobilization and communication. This project involves the joint participation of UNHCR’s partners, other UN agencies and state organizations.
Start date06/01/2012
Pertinent MPA/BPA ComponentCities of solidarity » 
Theme (s)Focus on women » 

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